A Blessed Year Behind Me and Another Before Me


Doula and babyI began the new year surrounded by family and friends, celebrating the highs of the year just concluded, cleansing of what was to be left behind, and reflecting upon the essential core of what I seek to embrace going forward.

In 2014 I was blessed to accompany many families as they reached into the depths of their physical and emotional strength, to further grow the reach of their loving heart. Each birthing journey this past year continued to teach me about the unpredictability of birth, the uniqueness of each opening body, mind, and heart, and the power of “holding space.” A place where releasing and opening up can happen safely, where decisions are made in ways that are informed, not rushed, and fully owned, and where the physiological normalcy of birth is revered and respected. A space where birth warriors can roar or draw inwards, as needed.

I was honored to serve as a doula to my 2014 mothers and their families, helping them reach that place where they too could feel “rooted in what made them feel grounded,” safe, supported, cared for, understood, powerful, and strong, as they navigated the twists and turns of their labors.

I welcome the New Year and all that it will bring. I look forward to living intentionally, to trust what is meant to be, and to purposefully serve the great women whose journeys I will be blessed to witness, together with those who loved them deeply.

In peace,