Childbirth preparation

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Gourmet Childbirth Classes™ for expecting parents who are seeking to prepare for this life changing event  with a more introspective approach. In addition to covering the topics you typically find in a more traditional childbirth preparation class (i.e. the physiology of labor and birth , medications and interventions that you may encounter during the process, labor positions, and comfort measures), we will also explore the connection of body, mind, and spirit  and what it means for a birthing parent.

As a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor, I am prepared to accompany you through this journey of self-discovery, and help you connect with your deepest question about pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and parenting. Together we will explore your hopes, fears, doubts, expectations, and uncover the deep strength within you: the strength and courage that you will ultimately draw on as you birth and parent.

I offer private or small group classes in the privacy and comfort of your home. Small group classes are also offered in other public locations such as local yoga studios, public libraries,  the community center, and so forth: contact me to learn about upcoming small group childbirth classes near you!  The investment per person (or couple) for a Birthing from Within 8-hour series is $200. Doula clients receive a 25% discount ($150).

Contact me to to discuss what YOU need to know in order to feel prepared for your upcoming childbirth experience. I am looking forward to mentoring you through your journey!

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