With Women Wellness_Michelle and SuzanneSo excited to finally have had the opportunity to introduce to you Michelle Killingsworth and Suzanne Barton: two fabulous certified nurse midwives and the co-founders of With Women Wellness . Learn about their perspectives, insights, and fall in love with their outlook on women’s health care!


Exhausted new dad needs to go to work in the morningThose first weeks after giving birth can really knock you and your partner out! Some would go further and say they outright suck! Here’s a personal account of life with a new baby… and how things really do get better after the first six weeks!



Epidural SpaceYes, I have a stance on medicated birth. I share it with you in this blog post titled: “The mighty epidural: is it the answer for all people scared of childbirth?


WelcoDoula Jordana Frost and babyming 2015 with an introspective and open soul, I look forward to the blessings ahead, while cherishing the lessons gained behind me. May you all have a healthy, prosperous, peaceful, love-filled, and “grounded” 2015! Read more here.


Sharon ThomasonMeet Sharon Thomason, PhD, owner of The MomSource located in West Hartford (CT). I was first introduced to Dr. Thomason during one of the first meetings of a statewide coalition of providers, advocates, and consumers interested in organizing efforts surrounding perinatal mood disorders. This coalition later became the Connecticut Alliance for Maternal Mental Health. Read her interview here!


Stephanie Welsh, CNMMeet Stephanie Welsh, CNM, a local certified nurse midwife practicing with Mansfield OB/Gyn, who catches babies at Windham Hospital in Willimantic, CT and at Manchester Memorial in Manchester, CT. I had the pleasure of chatting with her recently about her passion for serving women and their families, and her life as a midwife: read on!


AnnouIMG_2324ncing a new series of featured interviews with local women’s health providers. I will be asking them questions that seek to delve deeper into their perspectives and thoughts, allowing you to get a better understanding of who they are and what they stand for, going beyond what you may find on their website or business card! Who do you want to get to know and read about? Who are you intrigued by? Send me a message!

IMG_2320My latest post is titled “Why hire a doula?”. In it, I reflect on how I came to learn about doulas and how, in developing my own path as a doula, I realized how important their role can be and how much more common they should be, ideally,  in all birth settings and all kinds of births.

If you’d like to hear some maternal and child health experts talk about doulas in a short video, this is a great one: